A Stitch In Time Saves Nine
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A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

Terrorism & extremism is the major crises in today’s century and to stop and overcome those issues; superpowers and civilized countries start wars against terrorism. But after absorbing its results more than a decade I came to a point…. That…. WAR is not a solution to stop the terrorism or overcome extremism, you cannot stop hate from hate.

I live in Pakistan; we achieve a massive success in the war against terrorism but we also sacrifice our many precious lives. We face many sad incidents which not only leave wounds in our hearts but our history too, just google “Peshawar Attack”.

Through this post, I try to give a solution for those superpowers and civilized countries who start the war against terrorism, just think on my suggestions and if you think I am right spread this idea and raise your voice before it’s too late because “A Stitch In Time Saves Nine”.

The economic condition of the people is miserable, people have no right, the literacy rate is very low in those countries and the politicians are very corrupt where war was fought or still fighting; also their neighbor Islamic countries have the same situation.

I point out my beloved Pakistan as an example, the couple of suicide attackers agreed to blow him or herself because of their economic conditions. In simple words, terrorists take advantage of people’s poverty in those countries. When you have no money and you are the only source to raise your family, you sacrifice your life. Where they pay you they also sketch a beautiful reward you got in heaven by God for sacrificing your life for a sacred purpose (which basically is “Suicide” and prohibited by Allah in Islam).

So instead of spending money on war, try to raise the living standards of those poor people, evacuate the corrupt politicians, returning their money from those corrupt politicians, give job opportunities of those people in their own countries, and educate them as US congressman Charlie Wilson said and no one understands. Believe me… for PEACE, it costs a little…. then a war!

Written by
Aali Jah
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