The Real Victims…
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The Real Victims…

A Sad Incident In England Is Happen Again. Many Dies and Couple of Injured. I Just Pray That The Families Of Those, Who Lost Their Loved Ones Can Find Peace.

This Attack Realized Me One Thing That Those So-Called ISLAMIST Are Not Only Killing Innocent People But They Also Terrorizing My Religion “ISLAM”. Because Due To Their Artificial Jihad World Gives Islam & Muslims Some New Name, like; Islamophobia, Islamic Terrorism, Islamist Terrorists etc.

Muslims Should Wake Up & Unite Against Those SO CALLED ISLAMISTS. Because Our Religion Is Known As The Religion Of PEACE✌ Where Those Terrorists Kill Others In The Name Of ALLAH Where They Also Murder Our Space Of Living In This Beautiful World Where ALLAH Sent Us For Thanks, His Blessings.

I Am Just Tired Of The Guess Which The Whole World Thinks About Us That All The MUSLIMS Are The Same, Are The Same Terrorists… I Am Standing And Raise The Voice Against Those Islamists Which Suicide Attacks On ISLAM And Terrorizing The MUSLIMS.

Realize We’re The Real Victims Of Terrorists! Because of Many Innocent Dies In Retaliation. They Kill Others But We All Will Be Blamed, Not Only We…. But Our Religion Too.

One Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words
Written by
Aali Jah
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