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I think that world loses their patience and forget… how to love and live! Our ears are familiar with the unpleasant news of corruption, rape, killings and wars etc. etc. and the mysterious dilemma is that… we don’t pay attention to such inhuman incidents. 

If you leave this burden by only saying that “it happens every day, what I do?” you think this is enough???? Just portray yourself for a second when someone talk to raise a high wall on its country’s border to stop earning for your family, when a person kills your loved one by the name of religion, when politicians and armed forces start war for the sake of PEACE (which is basically for a Piece of oil, gold or something expensive), imagine you’re a Palestinian citizen and you lost your 3 year kid in a massive bombing what you feel when no one is standing there for you? You scream and no one comes for your help because “it happens every day, what I do?”

Yes, it happens every day and you also can do many things not to help them… but to help yourself. Why not you spent some time on social media to post about PEACE or inform and educate your social circle, just raise some noble cause instead of liking, sharing and commenting on some ridiculous post. Why not you can go outside and gather your friends and family for supporting or shelter someone. You may also collect some money to take away someone’s hunger. You can use different mediums to stop your politicians from their corruption and wrong policies. You show sympathy to those countries who started the war and kill several innocent people on daily basis.

I make the first step by starting a movement titled “Iam” which means “I awake movement”. Just join me to raise a voice for those many voices who not been heard, to give shelter, to take away hunger, to break racism, to halt those who use religious doctrine in a wrong sense, to aware the governments about their policies and so many things on which we think “this is wrong”!

Just hold my hand and gather others with you one day we stand together not for to help others but to help ourselves!

Written by
Aali Jah
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