Something about me!

I simply get myself content with the normal things. Valuing the favors God gave me. I am a common man who strives to build up the ability I was given. I put faith in myself, and I faith in the decency of others. That’s how I decide to work for awareness movement for bringing PEACE in the world through my blog and every possible platform I have.

Support me to aware people near you by just sharing not only my posts but discussing it in your social gathering also help me by sending your views & ideas.

My Social Movements

As I mention above that I love Peace & Humanity and wish that wish that we all become united.

The purpose of JAAGO is to bring social Awareness to Common People.

PYAM; A movement for awakening the youth. We aim to offer one another the support, guidance, love and inspiration to uplift humanity.

Iam is a movement; a revolution… for peace, love, humanity, respect, and tolerance between nations, to bring happiness for our families.

If you disagree with my thoughts and opinions or have some questions and suggestions kindly press “Ask Me” button to send an email.

Ask Me!